Cuihu Kindergarten

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  Cuihu kindergarten is located in the center of Qingxi, with convenient transportation, is a high quality kindergarten of Zhen'an Education Group. The layout of the garden is carefully designed by the senior domestic designers, the environment is warm and comfortable, children's interest is full.The facilities in kindergarten are high - grade,  activity room, music room, art room and other functional rooms readily available.The multifunctional auditorium covers more than 1300 square meters, which provides a broad platform for the children's talent show, teachers exchange in the city, township, home and child communication, etc., is the only large multifunctional performing hall in kindergarten of Qingxi.All the decorations are used to obtain international recognition (GB118582-2001) Guo Cai nano green materials, safety, zero pollution, really care for the children from the details.Investment in the American " big nose" school bus equipped with satellite positioning, the implementation of the entire monitoring, for the safe transport of children escort.Kindergarten not only hardware facilities, high-grade complete, software facilities are solid, in the past in July 2014, Cuihu kindergarten was named " Dongguan City,a school. ".

  We park in its inception, has been "all for the children's development" for the purpose of cultivating children's science education teachers with benevolence; build standard innovation management; branding with professional services. We believe that every child is unique and irreplaceable, only the personalized curriculum to let children to this gift keep love! Respect for children, according to the development level of each child's reality, imposing its personalized education, to provide the best environment for the growth and development conditions for each child, let every child to experience happiness and success experience, make every child fully in its original foundation, active development, for the Lay a good foundation for work life.

  In the environment of educational development in happiness

  1.special courses: Modern Multimedia Course + personalized potential course + garden this happy Basketball Course.

  2.the characteristics of teaching mode: children play with the school, in a "operating experience.

  3.the characteristics of management: target + system + + quantitative combination of humanistic management.

  The kindergarten education group quality education Zhen'an adhering to tradition, carefully build a high-quality, younger, personalized preschool teachers, for teachers to train the echelon Park, the use of modern multimedia teaching mode, let the children in chess, English, art, presided over, get the characteristic, dance and other personalized development.

  Qingxi Lake kindergarten for the whole society enrollment, limited to residence. All students in the kindergarten children can give priority to the exemption municipal level star school Fenggang Emerald Lake school, and enjoy the corresponding preferential policies.

  A sound management mechanism, improve the management system, clear the various departments of the scope of work, job responsibilities, and the relationship between various departments;

  Two, the construction of class, cooperative research group and grade three kindergarten learning organization, explore the independent management mode research team, and gradually form a scientific management, efficient operation mechanism;

  Three, the formation of fair competition and assessment of the internal management system, complete the construction of the external support system.