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  Founded in 2008, September, Fenggang Feicuishanhu school of Dongguan is a full-time nine-year and high-quality school, with the construction of the provincial level standard and a set of day, shuttle or boarding.

  It locates in the Feicuishanhu Community, the intersection of Qingxi, Tangxia, Fenggang cities with elegant residential environment. It covers an area of 22321 ㎡, construction area of 13531㎡, and a 100% green coverage rate. It has 42 standard electric classrooms, 50 supplementary function rooms such as library, computer room, counseling room, clinic, calligraphy room, art room, dance room, and electronic piano room. It also has great hall, badminton hall, basketball court, plastic runway, fitness equipment and a 400㎡biological laboratory base. The first-class dining room is available for both teachers and students to dine at the same time. 2 dormitory buildings can hold 1, 200 students.

  In recent years, it got so many honors, such as " Fenggang advanced private schools", "Dongguan advanced private schools", "advanced group for safety management in Fenggang”, “first-class school in Dongguan”, “safe and civilized campus of Guangdong”, and "national soccer-specialty school for teenagers".


President:Chang Yuncun  

  Feicuishanhu school is a happy campus. Every one of our students will be here happy learning, all-round development; will learn to behave, learn to do here, to cultivate a sound personality; will have an instrumentalist here, skilled sport skills, good health. We have each student will become an optimistic atmosphere, solid foundation, personality, sound personality of modern primary and middle school students.
  Feicuishanhu school is high school campus. Every one of our teachers will constantly improve their occupation accomplishment, a positive and optimistic attitude, to enjoy work spirit, dedication to the pursuit of excellence, to win their love, parents respect, recognized by the society.
  Feicuishanhu school is a quality education brand. We will continue to carry forward the hard pioneer spirit of sincere cooperation, team spirit, dedication silently, constantly optimize the management mode, strengthen the sense of quality, and strive to build our school into a high standard of facilities management, high efficiency, high-quality teachers, the sustainable development of high quality teaching the quality of the school.


  1.Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic classroom school to teach students.  < <Three Character Classic > >, < < dizigui, QianZiWen > >, < The Analects of Confucius and other traditional cultural works, to enhance the intrinsic quality of the child.

  2.classroom teaching classes. The school each class of scientific configuration class number 40, for teachers of different types, different foundation for guiding the students to help.

  3.specialty training diversification. School dance, piano, hulus, computer, painting, calligraphy, sports, English, Mathematical Olympiad, basketball, martial arts, writing more than 20 specialty training classes and interest group, improve the overall quality of students.
  4. special education school. Leading the innovation of education ideas and education idea, will the characteristics of school-based teaching materials, sports class, campus football, international education into the education and teaching, and promote all-round development of students.

  The school recruit more capable personnel, strict teacher recruitment, adhere to have both ability and political integrity with standard, the recruitment process is fair, open, teacher candidates were selected from a high degree, high professional title, rich teaching experience, has a lofty ethics and occupation moral teachers to our school work. According to a certain proportion of school wage growth increased year by year the treatment of teachers, provide free accommodation for all staff, good logistics. After school unremitting efforts, the school has formed a good morality, ethics, professional, full of potential, high quality teachers team. 

  Knowledgeable and Courteous


  School model: students are not limited to the household registration, day and boarding, shuttle combination.

  Registration procedure: fill out the registration form, registration fee, examination interview

  A detailed, standardized management, to achieve the school's scientific decision-making, democratization;

  Two, optimize the educational environment, to create "spring flowers, summer shade, fruit in autumn, winter green garden style campus";

  Three, strengthen team construction, strengthen the construction of teachers, improve teachers' professional quality, service level and scientific research ability;

  Four, deepen the moral norm, strengthen students' practice education, education;

  Five, teaching and scientific research. The refined teaching order as the starting point, reinforce the teaching routine, earnestly "burden and improve the efficiency of work;

  Six, the catalytic characteristic school. To "small class education", "art education" as the breakthrough point, set up the brand of education.