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  Zhen'an School (original Jintou primary school) is the first school that is founded by Zhen'an Education Group . It is also the first private school in the town of Chang’an, running for 18 years, it has trained many outstanding graduates for Chang’an Experimental Middle School and Donghua Middle School , It has been awarded the "advanced private schools" “Chang’an education quality Award "honorary title by the higher authorities .In order to service better for the new Dongguanese ,the school officially upgraded to a nine-year school in July 2015  , and renamed Zhen'an School, In the autumn semester of 2015 it set up the junior high school, and recruit the first grade students in junior high school .

  Group Chairman, Mr. Deng Zhencai cares about the private education most and nearly 20 million RMB investment on the school ,Zhen’ an to upgrade had been completed on August 1, 2015. after upgrading the school, Zhen'an school has already been equipped with modern educational facilities according to the standard of the school at the city level , It has standardized 48 classrooms, teaching building, wall renovation, the floor of the classroom, all the walls of the rectification all have been amended , class size is controlled in about 45 people, and each classroom has air conditioning equipment; a 3 storey function building with a standard equipment with 24 function rooms consisting of multifunctional ladder classrooms, computer rooms, computer lab, physics lab, biochemical laboratory, music room, dance room, library, reading room, counseling room, health room, art room, science inquiry room, sports equipment room, team activities room; As for the teaching staff, we focus on the adjustment and training of the teachers, and recruit some outstanding teachers nationally ; On September 1, 2015, the junior middle school was set up. Only 160 freshmen were enrolled, and the class size was strictly controlled by less than 40. The teachers are equipped with 1:3 and the employed excellent teachers in junior high school are highly paid.

  I deeply realize that if we want to develop our schools, we can not do without clear development goals and clear working thinking. "Thinking determines the way out, strength shows charm."". In my opinion, as long as we have the right thinking and long-term goals, we will surely push the schools forward.
  Children are our common hope. They need the love of their parents to help them grow. Parents give their children more communication and pay, and children will have more confidence and strength. Let's work together and cheer for the kids tomorrow! 
  I always believe that as a teacher, we should be thoughtful teachers. We should let students come into the classroom with curiosity every day, and take the lessons and problems out of the classroom. Only the thoughtful teacher can teach the thoughtful students . so that he can walk in the forefront of the teacher.


  Patriotic, honest, civilized, upward

Characteristic morning exercise

  Zang Lianming, a professor from Guangdong University of Education, was employed to guide and design the morning exercise. Developing the exercise, on one hand, has physical training on students; on the other hand, changes all the teachers’ mental outlook and spirit of unity and cooperation, which facilitates the formation of the fine school spirit.

Characteristic English teaching
  To improve students’ English level, our school starts oral English class for the primary school students and invites foreign teachers from the international class of Fenggang Feicuishanhu School, which we join hands with to our school to have classes and guide the English teaching activities.

The small class teaching
  Our school scientifically allocates the number of the students in each class with 45 students or so. The students of different types and different bases can get the help and guidance from the teachers.

Diversified cultivation model of special talents
  he function of the new school building can solve students' specialty training needs, The school has more than ten special training classes and interest groups .such as dancing, vocal music, piano, calligraphy, fine arts, English, math, basketball, writing and so on. The purpose is to improve the students' comprehensive quality


  The school has a contingent of teachers with high quality and great potential for development. We have 85 full-time teachers,  25 of them is university degrees,. 25 teachers reach advanced or first level . The proportion of aged teachers, middle-aged teachers and young teachers is 1:4:3.

  For the past18 years, the school has developed in a rapid way and reached a certain scale. There are 61 teaching classes with more than 2800 students in our school now. Schools will continue to offer quality degrees to children of new dongguanese from Humen and Chang’an.

  The school will build a 12 storey apartment for the teachers and students in the spring of 2016, it can provide 1600 beds for the student Lunch break and accommodation,. Soon it can become a high level school including boarder,bus-student and foot-student.