Wolongshan Garden Kindergarten

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  Located in the tri-wolongshan garden luxury villas, with quiet and warm environment ,and modern European architectural style, Wolongshan Garden Kindergarten is one of the best kindergartens in Dongguan for its highest grade, the most complete facilities, the most advanced equipment. The school covers an area of about 5065 ㎡, construction area of 2415 ㎡.  

        There are advanced teaching facilities, super living equipment in the school. It also has indoor sensory integration room, dance room, reading room, art room, science museum, Museum of international children's thinking. Outdoors, there are 15 standard teaching-activity and function rooms, including a large outdoor slide, standard plastic runway, three treadmill, color drum, physical training and combination.

  In 2013, Peng Haiying, Mao Lu were named “Advanced Teacher ” of Zhen'an education; Chen Yurong, Lin Xiaohua won “the Excellent Teacher” title; Ceng Xiuyun and Zhang Xiaofen were rated “the Excellent Headteacher” in the competition of Zhen'an education group ; Chen Yurong was named “Fenggang Outstanding Teacher” because of her mixed ability.


    Fenggang wolongshan Garden Kindergarten of Dongguan,is the needs of modern education development a high-end founded, the quality of the kindergarten. The kindergarten has been opened since January 2013, in support of the competent authorities at all levels of leadership and society from all walks of life, just two years, has made great progress, and achieved excellent results innovation, has become the leader of private education teaching in Fenggang.

  We follow the "culture of small citizens with international vision, let the children do their best" the aim of the kindergarten, remember to "build first-class facilities, five-star management, high-quality teachers; quality, integration of domestic and foreign preschool education in one of the high-end, kindergarten" internationalization of the educational goals, close to management of open education mode, let the child care, let the children grow up healthy and happy, with recognition, autonomous and cooperative learning, let the children in the exploration, grasp the initiative in the future.

  Harmonious meticulous artistic innovation of international diversification

  A case study teaching methods: potential structure observation every child is different, making each different educational programs for children!

  The pleasure of reading picture books: to cultivate children's interest in reading and written language habits. The development of children's ability and reading ability.

  International Cultural Tourism: month to carry out a country's culture and customs of the activities, cultivate children's understanding of international culture, to become small citizens with international vision.

  The success of quality development: to cultivate good habits, good mentality quality, integrity, broad interests and explore new knowledge ability success essential qualities.

  English training: from immersion kindergarten English learning, home to learning English, let the children in the rich English atmosphere, natural learning English.

  Eloquence presentation: rigorous training by professional teaching, encourage each child to speak boldly, enhance children's self-confidence, improve memory, expression and thinking ability, enhance the strain capacity and the ability to express.

  The new thinking of mathematics development: innovative thinking, quick witted, seek a variety of approaches to the solution to a problem, is the basic requirements for talent in twenty-first Century.

  Scientific observation: to cultivate children's science consciousness and love of nature, in the daily observation, grasp the basic method, the development of children's natural intelligence.

  Wolongshan garden kindergarten has a strong professional, high quality, dedication of the team of teachers, all teachers are teachers graduate with preschool education, our philosophy is to adhere to the quality of talent Hing Park, office park, enterprising spirit, make efforts of entrepreneurship construction into line with international standards, with distinctive characteristics good quality, fine garden.

  Dongguan Fenggang city wolongshan garden kindergarten enrollment for the community, not limited to household registration. Based in Fenggang town of new dongguanese children in the garden. The kindergarten students attach great importance to the construction of campus environment, small citizens to develop an international perspective of the modernization of education, innovative teaching and education benefits gradually revealed, the overall quality of children continue to improve, by the society praise from all walks of life.

  The hardware construction: the establishment of nursery site, adding the popularity of multimedia teaching, multimedia teaching equipment.

  The construction of software: Teachers College degree above 90%, had accepted the new curriculum standards of education and training, everyone master innovative teaching skills.

  Educational goals: creating a garden, do parents satisfied with the education.

  School characteristics: on the basis of all-round development in children, highlighting the bilingual teaching and art education, pay attention to the cultivation of the individual child.