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  Zhen’an Junior Middle School of Cheng’an, Dongguan is a full-time private school which is approved by Dongguan Education Bureau. The school with convenient transportation locates on Mowei Road, Jinxia Community, Chang’an Town. It covers an area of 23,020 square meters and the area of structure is 13,600 square meters. There are 27 classes in the school with 84 staff and 1,500 students. The school has a graceful campus with grand buildings and big trees. The building area, sports area and living area are arranged standardly and reasonablly in the right place. There is a computer room, a language room, a dance room, a music room, an art room, a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a library, a robot room, a multimedia amphitheater and so on all of which are fully assembled with the advanced facility and in accordance with the standard of one-level city school.

  We have always persisted in the teaching thoughts, “ people oriented, moral first, quality centred, develop in harmony and serve the society” since the school opened in 2003. We have also held the school motto, “devote your work; practice your virtue; improve your ability; strengthen your body” so the school spirits “strict, civilized, practical, upward ”; the teaching style “industrious, researchful, creative, dedicated ” and the learning style “learn happily, think actively, advance bravely, create well” have already formed. With the help and lead of the educational branches, the school are going forward. The school condition is better and better. The school management is more and more reasonable. The school quality is higher and higher. As for the senior high school entrance examination, the average, percent of pass, enrollment rate are all the first in Chang’an Town. The percent of pass and average of many subjects are higher than some public schools. The school has gained many prizes such as “Special unit with art education”, “Safe and civilized School of Guangdong”, “ 100 basic schools for developing talented people”, “Advanced education unit”, “Mooc experimental school of Dongguan”, “ The first prize on quality”, “Modern education technology experimental school of Dongguan”, “ The One-level School of Dongguan”. From 2013 to 2016, the school always got “the first prize of advanced unit on education quality” which was given by the Education and Health Bureau of Chang’an Town.


  To teachers: You should have such spirits “ Considering the interests of the whole; Being united; Competing fairly; making progress”. You should regard teaching and education as the holy enterprise. As the soul engineers, you should be hard-working and love pupils. The pupils are different and they should be taught with your love, your truth, your wisdom and your personality. Their skills are waiting to be developed with much knowledge and each of them should be able to make progress throughout their whole life.
  To pupils: You should have such spirits “loving school; respecting teachers; studying hard; being confident”. You should learn to give thanks, love motherland, love school, respect teachers, love schoolmates and help all the people in need. You should be able to learn, hard-working especially in the sun-rising age. You should value the time and work hard. You should be honest, confident, brave to compete and creative. You will be successful if you are always with good dreams. Please remember: Today’s grades depend on yesterday’s hard work and today’s hard work ensures tomorrow’s victory.
  To pupils’ parents: You are the first teachers of your children and also the leaders and partners on their way to grow up. Your family is the first school of your children so good family, good school and good society are the land for children to live healthily. You should understand your children’s needs and care about their characteristic and personality. You should develop their abilities to help themselves and communicate with others. You should learn about the school to help your children grow up. Please believe that our objective is to bring up your children, also our pupils.
  Times are keeping going forward and teaching is hard work. But we are confident to make Zhen’an Middle School an excellent school. Let’s go to the great success with dream and determination.


  1.Lay stress on developing pupils good behaviors.

  2.Lay stress on teaching the basic knowledge.

  3.Lay stress on inheriting Chinese traditional culture.

  4.Lay stress on training special skills such as sports and art to improve pupils’ comprehensive qualities.

  Zhen’an Junior Middle School of Chang’an Dongguan has 68 teachers among which 52 teachers hold university degree, 11 teachers are senior-level and one-level and one teacher holds master degree. The ratio of old teachers, mid-aged teachers and young teachers is 1:5:3. The average of teaching years is 9 and the team of teachers is stable. All the teachers here should pass the five tests, ie, qualification, interview, trying teaching, training before work and qualifying period. The teachers here are all with high qualities and great development potential. The teachers have delivered over 80 articles in kinds of newspapers and magazines and 112 teachers have got prizes in kinds of competitions during the ten years since the school opened.

  Zhen’an Junior Middle School of Chang’an Dongguan wants students from all places without considering the household registers. The students need to have interviews and get letters of admission. The number of the students is from 400 in the first age to 1500 in 2015. The students are mainly from Guangxi, Guangdong, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hu'nan, Jiangxi, Hubei and He'nan and other provinces. Their common qualities are so good.

  1. The school has become one-level school of Dongguan ( Passed the test of one-level city school in June, 2014.)
  2. 80% of teachers hold university degree. 100% of teachers pass the training for the standard of New Curricula. 100% of teachers can use multi-media projector.
  3. The enrollment rate for graduated students is 100%. The enrollment rate to enter high school is over 20-30%.
  4. Chinese traditional culture is taken seriously and moral education too in order to develop students in every field to be citizens with loving, responsibility and energy.
  5. The policy of National Sunny Sports is carried out and the Special Break Activity is done to make students united, healthy, sunny and confident meanwhile their comprehensive qualities are improved.
  6. The robot experimental base is set up to develop students’ potential, science spirits and innovative abilities.