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  Zhen’an Primary School which was set up in 2002 locates on Mowei Road, Zhen’an Avenue, Jinxia Community, Chang’an Town. It covers an area of 23,500 square meters and the area of structure is 15,380 square meters. There are 150 staff including 110 teachers in the school. 100% of teachers reach the standard on educational background. There is, a dance room, a music room, an art room, a library, a computer room and other nine function rooms all of which are equipped with perfect facilities. There is a standardized football court. The needs of teachers and pupils in the study and in their life are fulfilled. 

  Zhen’an Primary School has always accomplished “the Five Persistences”. The school persists to manage the school according to laws and education rules to push on quality education; The school persists to teach and develop with scientific research; The school persists to put moral education in the first place by building good school spirits, good class styles, good teaching style sand good learning styles; The school persists to run the school which makes pupils’ parents satisfied by combining school education with family education; The school persists to have lively extral curricular activities to develop pupils’ potentials. We have introduced many excellent students to Chang’an Experimental School, Donghua Middle School, Guangming Middle School and so on because of our rising teaching quality. The school has gained many prizes such as “Special unit with art education”, “Safe School of Guangdong”, “ the compulsory education standard schools of Guangdong”, “Advanced education unit of Chang’an Town”, “ The One-level School of Dongguan”, “ The popular football school for children of Dongguan”, “ The first prize on quality in Chang’an in 2015”. The prizes show the whole strength of the school so the school receives social approvement and praise.

  The school is the paradise where you enjoy yourselves and study happily. The school is the paradise where you behave yourselves and fly your dreams. I hope you study hard, follow the rules and live happily. If you study carefully, live simply, treat classmates kindly and face difficulties bravely, you can make teachers at ease and parents relaxed.

          From now on, as long as you do the tiny trifles around you, pay attention to every detail, make friends with good habits, make progress every day and gain a little every day, then you can find you are the happinest, healthiest and best.


  Uphold Learning and Establish Ambition

  1. the teaching deans make up teaching rules which includes Class teaching, attendance, correcting schoolwork, training pupils after class and so on. The deans check every teacher’s work according to the rules every week and every month and gives them a judgment which relates their payment. We also build a trinity teaching network to connect school, family and society.

  2. The school has the teaching objective “ qualified and special” to make each pupils learn happily, know how to learn, be healthy and develop in many fields. The pupils should be strong, confident, creative and become the useful persons. 
  3. carry out the spirit of Sunny sports and the policy of “one school one special” and practice the special break activity and school football to increase the pupils’ health and go ahead along the way of special characteristics.


  The school have developed the excellent students for many years. The teachers take part in training activities every term,such a teacher team with advanced teaching thought, scientific method, loving teaching, arranging reasonably in ages and in majors, high education background and teaching level has formed. As for teachers, we call for the service consciousness, union consciousness, responsibility consciousness and learning consciousness to let teachers have belongingness and cohesive force.

  Zhen’an Primary School of Chang’an Dongguan wants students from all places without considering the household registers. The students are mainly from Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces. The pupils are different in individual.  As the school beautifies the campus, improves moral the teaching quality, The teaching benefit appears and pupils’ quality increases. The number of pupils rises year by year. The fame in the society becomes better and better.


  1. Build the teachers the team spirits, develop the teachers and pupils consciousness of the whole and let individual to play a role;

  2. Improve all the teachers the level of teaching and increase the teaching quality to make pupils to be useful persons and make pupils’ parents at ease and society satisfied;

  3. Keep developing, do special education and be a brand as a special school.