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  Zhen'an kindergarten is located at 691 jian'an Road, shatou community in Chang'an town, Dongguan city, which is a high quality kindergarten owned by Dongguan Zhen'an Education Group,The layout of the garden is carefully designed by the senior national designer, the environment is warm and comfortable, children's interest is full.The facilities in kindergarten are high - grade,  activity room, music room, art room and other functional rooms readily available.More than 800 square meters of multifunctional deduction hall which invests nearly one million,provides a broad platform for the children's talent show, teachers exchange in the city, township, home and child communication, All the garden decoration uses the international certification ( GB - 2001 ) national color nano - green environmental protection materials, safety, zero pollution, really care for the young children from the details, reflect the purpose of the garden.The American " big nose" school bus purchased with a large amount of money is equipped with satellite positioning, monitoring the whole process, and escorting children's safe transportation.

  Zhen'an Education Group is a famous brand education institution in Chang'an, Dongguan, which provides the education service of kindergarten, primary school and middle school.Zhen'an kindergarten is one of the high-end kindergartens, for the city star school - Jintou primary school, Zhen'an primary school, Xiangshan primary school , any children in my kindergarten can have priority exemption from the three primary schools, and enjoy the corresponding preferential policies.

  Our pursuit: do kindergarten preschool education of children the most primitive character; do exercise the child mental health of preschool education; optimize children temper thinking, personality, habits of preschool education. Our kindergarten teaching idea is: show the nature, simple and lively, pay attention to music. Our teaching methods: kindergarten play the way of interest, with interest to understand the truth, for truth to enjoy the life.
  Zhen'an kindergarten opened two years, successfully founded Dongguan a kindergarten, we are feeling proud; in the future, we are full of confidence and hope, with the cooperation of teachers and parents who support Zhen'an kindergarten tomorrow will certainly be better!


  Harmonious unity innovation dedication

  My garden has a formal preschool education, certificates, have rich teaching experience with good care, ethics, dedication and teamwork, forge ahead of the professional teachers team.

  1.recruit: healthy children aged 3-6, limited to the household registration.

  2 .classes: Small class, middle class, large class.

  3. please parents with good parents Id photocopy, child birth certificate and a copy of a medical certificate (two semi hepatitis B, blood), vaccination certificate and a copy of the 1 inch 6 photos.

  A "high quality" -- the kindergarten management mode and teaching quality, make full use of the limited space of kindergarten, reasonable, beautiful, exquisite, modernization;

  Two, the "unique" Kindergarten - around "with children's development oriented" concept, actively implement the quality education, the construction of "experiential education" of the kindergarten curriculum, forming characteristics. To create a harmonious, elegant environment, educational environment, the construction of a kindergarten child's favorite music park;

  Three, the "first class", has always been to first-class office park standards and requirements, do a good job in all aspects of the kindergarten. The implementation of the "Cohesion Project" as the basis of democracy, openness, humanization of scientific management system, the formation of a good quality, service superb first-class teaching staff, to achieve quality education the core of innovative spirit and practical ability to first-class teaching quality.