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The general situation of Zhen'an Education 

  Dongguan City Zhen'an Education Investment Co. Ltd. (Zhen'an Education) mainly engaged in education investment business. The chairman of the company, Deng Zhencai, currently serves as the vice president of the Dongguan Association of private education, the vice president of the Party branch in Chang'an private education. He has been awarded as the “Talented party branch secretary”, “Advanced educational worker”, “Public figure of Dongguan”.
  Mr. Deng founded the first private school in Chang'an in 1998, which was a three star grade school named  Chang'an Zhen'an school. In order to fit the development of the economy and society in Dongguan, with the help of  the party committees and support of the governments, Mr. Deng established the standard school, Dongguan advanced school - Chang'an Zhen'an primary school, a first degree school in Dongguan named Zhen'an Middle School, the first degree and safety school named Fenggang Feicuishanhu School, the fist degree kindergartens are Wolongshan Kindergarten and Cuihu Kindergarten.He wrote a glorious history of 19 years in establishing many famous schools. There are more than 12000 students in Zhen'an Education,which is one of the largest scale in Dongguan City, the private education institutions. During 19 years, Zhen'an Education doesn’t receive any complaints in enrolling students and teachers,collecting fees or teaching.It leads in score of competitions, teaching assessment and the performance of students. Zhen'an Education enjoys a high reputation in Chan'an,Qingxi,Fenggang and even the whole city.It has been fully affirmed by the local government and the education departments.

The chairman of the company:Deng Zhencai